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The best Montessori blogs and socials of 2021

Whether, like us, you live and breathe Montessori; or you choose to just dip your toe into the parts you find most appealing, there's never been a better time to utilise the amazing array of resources and inspiration out there. We've scoured the internet to bring those resources together and curate a list that will be sure to help you elevate your understanding and bring new insight into how Montessori works for those families who practice the pedagogy at home.


Shelf Help: Nicole Kavanough (Mother of 4) and Amy Dorsch (mother of 2) share their Montessori journeys as mothers. Nicole is the writer behind the The Kavanaugh Report. Amy is also an assistant in a Montessori school. Both are RIE trained (pronounced “rye”), it stands for “Resources for Infant Educarers.” An approach founded in 1978 by Magda Gerber.

The Montessori Notebook: Simone Davies, author of The Montessori Toddler is an AMI trained Montessorian. She has been a teacher for more than 15 years, and shares great advise on how to incorporate Montessori at Home.

The Xavier Montessori Conversations: This in depth podcast is created for those who already have some basic knowledge of Montessori and are interested in learning more. We loved the episode on Montessori and dementia!

Child of the Redwoods: Aubrey is a Montessorian and mom of two. She shares her best tips for parents. Aubrey also offers courses for people who wants to learn more about Montessori and homeschooling.


@MissyMontessori: AMS 3-6 guide shares materials and activities from her classroom. She shares contet for all age groups, and has recently had a teeny baby (that just got home from NICU), so you are in for some really cute baby photos!

@3MM.montessori: AMI 0-11 Assistant. Jasmine from 3 Minute Montessori is creating amazing on-point Montessori content for parents. She also offers courses for those wanting to learn more.

@Lyric_Laughter_Learning: Joy Marilie, mother of 3 year old Lyric shares their Montessori at home journey. You can find activities, music, ASL and thoughts about centering whiteness in montessori schools.

@MontessoriAndUs Sarah is a passionate Montessorian and mother of 3 year old Danny. She donates a lot of her free time to guiding parents, through her role moderating on the worlds largest Montessori Facebook group. On her own Instagram, she shares the day to day journey of Montessori at home, quotes, tips and activities. Sarah knows what kind of questions parents starting out have, and tries to answer them all.

@TheMontessoriTeacher: Meet Lynda, a holistic Life Coach with a focus on how to do Montessori at home. Super funny reels, but with really good pragmatic advise at the same time. Look in to this account if you want to know how to apply the Montessori approach at home.

@Curious.Parenting is not strictly Montessori, but goes well with the method. It focusses on gentle parenting. Great advise and tips for parents!

@WhatDadDid A male Montessorian! His child is younger than our usual age group (2 years old), but this account is so good, we HAD to add it to the list! Two deaf adults raising a bilingual child. This dad shares Montessori activities, signs, practical life and more.

@ItsJuliWilliams: A Montessori Guide who shares lots of Montessori presentations and amazing tips and ideas.

@NeuroClastic is NOT a Montessori account, but we have learned SO MUCH from them! A group of autistic writers and artists advocating for autistic representation and human rights. Read the captions!

@Learning_Independence is a Montessorian with her heart on her sleeve, raising an activist while finding her own voice. We are listening, Sana! Learning Independence shares Montessori activities and tips. Also some posts on how to mix religion (Islam) with the Montessori principles.

@Montessori.on.a.budget shares budget activities and easy DIY's.

I also have to recommend following US! @MontessoriAtHome3_6. We share parenting tips, Montessori quotes and much more.

@Welcometomommyhood Yuliya is a mother of 2 young children, who is passionate about sharing Montessori inspired printable and activities. She shares how Montessori looks in their family home as a paraplegic, wheelchair user and mother. Visit her account for links to free printables.

@Mimosa_Montessori Anna is a mother of 2 boys and runs a successful home based Montessori setting. She combines her experience, training and love of Montessori with textile art to offer an insight into how providing children with an outlet for their creative needs can lead to some truly wonderful results. The focus is on allowing the children to practice process over product and lear to use different tools to express themselves.

@Nickav25 Nicole is a passionate Montessorian with 4 kids (and another on the way!) On her Instagram she shows how to 'do Montessori' in your home. Her children who are under 3 years are homeschooled. The oldest attends a Montessori school when possible (covid 19 has made the last year a bit different). Share in their journey.

Facebook groups and pages

Montessori at Home (0-3 years) is often the first stop for new parents wanting to learn more about Montessori, and it's a GREAT start! It's run by Sylvia Arotin, the founder of Guide&Grow. Sylvia holds a Masters in early childhood (0-5 years) and Montessori training for 0-3 year olds. The group provides plenty of free content to get your started and it's well run by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic Montessorians.

Blogs and articles Run by Sid Mohandas, a former Montessori educator and teacher trainer. The blogs deals with challenging topics, especially about gender and gender roles in early years. has three kids under 5. You can read about their life and how to implement Montessori at home. You may have heard about the book 'The Montessori Toddler'. This is the author's blog, where she shares parenting tips and activity ideas. Check out her courses as well! Brittany is a mother of three young children, and is balancing blogging about their Montessori journey while also producing high quality Montessori inspired learning materials. We adore the wooden place mats that makes it easy for children to set the table independently!

Montessori world Enbarani is a Malaysian Montessori guide with more than ten years experience working in Montessori and non-Montessori schools.

How we Montessori Kylie is an Australian Montessori mum who shares their everyday life and activities on her blog.

The Montessori Family is a well established blog run by Carine Robin, an qualified Montessori teacher, parents of 2 and creator of the UKs first Montessori monthly subscription box. Through her blog, she offers parenting advice, answers questions on Montessori, and hosts courses for those looking to learn more.

YouTube channels

Guide and Grow TV: Sylvia Arotin from Guide and Grow shares activities, parenting tips and Q&A's with some amazing Montessori profiles on this channel. Created primarily for parents of 0-3 year olds, but well worth looking up for anyone interested in learning more about the Montessori approach.

Hapa Family: One of the biggest and most well known Montessori YouTube channel. Ashley talks about being a Montessori mum, shares their daily life and gives tours of their prepared environment.

Other resources

There are also some really good TEDx talks about Montessori:

Cowritten and edited by Mie Rusdal and Jude Saffron. This article contains affiliated links to no extra cost to you.

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