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Welcome to Montessori at Home 3-6, a community for likeminded parents and caregivers.

Montessori at Home 3 - 6 is your virtual portal into a world of endless learning and discovery opportunities. Our Parenting Forum is a community full of curious people from around the world who are ready to help out with questions and ideas about this topic. Start by clicking on a post that interests you, and start participating today.

About Montessori at Home 3 - 6

A Montessori Community for All


Welcome to Montessori at Home 3 to 6 years
Founded by two passionate Montessorians who believe Montessori is a way of life accessible to all.


We are here to help other interested families understand and implement Montessori principles into their own family lives. Whatever your family structure may look like; where ever you may reside in the world;
and whatever your financial situation is,
Montessori is for everyone and we are here to support and guide you.


Our forum is open to parents and caregivers who are interested in Montessori and respectful parenting techniques.
We welcome hearing how you practice Montessori around the world.


We share insights into the pedagogy and show you how to implement Montessori into your home. 

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